Spathiphyllum (White sails or peace lily)


Light and position

Spathiphyllums like a sunny position but direct sunlight should be avoided. They are beautifully shaped plants and so are at their best adventage when they can be viewed from all sides.


Temperature range

Spathphyllums should be kept at temperatures between 15-21C (59-70F). it they are kept at about 18C(65F) they should grow for most of the year. They do not like graughts and they need a humid atmosphere so keep them on trays of moist pebbles or moss.



The spathiphyllum should be watered with moderate amounts the potting mixture should never dry out completely . avoid overwatering as this could result in wilting.



Use a standard liquid fertilizer and administer very two weeks while the plant is growing . older and more established plants may benefit from a slightly stronger solution than the manufacturer recommends



The plants should be repotted every spring in a soil-based potting mixture . ensure that they are properly drained by putting a few pieces of broken clay pots in the bottom of the new containers