Ophiopogon jaburan (White lily Turf )

Light and position :

Although these plants need good light in order to flower. Only ever subject them to the most diffuse direct sunlight . position them near to , but not pressed up against , an east- facing window . in the early morning the sun is at its weakest , so will not damage the plant unduly , and here it will receive good light for the rest of the day.


Temperature range :

Provide these plants with a winter minimum of 10 C (50 F ) They will tolerate a wide range of summer temperatures but they do best kept on the cool side 13-18 C (55-65 F )


Watering :

During the summer provide enough water to moisten the compost thoroughly , allowing the top 12 mm ( 1/2 in) to dry out between waterings . ophiopogons have a very clearly defined winter rest , during this time they will only need enough water to prevent the compost from drying out completely .


Feeding :

Provide a liquid feed once every two weeks throughout the spring and summer


Soil :

Use a soil – based compost with some additional sand , which provides the extra drainage that ophiopogons need . repot during the spring . dividing the clumps if necessary