Nerium oleander (oleander or Rose Bay)

Light and position :

Oleanders will not flower unless they are in a position where they receive as much direct light as possible throughout the year . they can be used to shade other plants that need shade from direct sun.


Temperature Range :

A winter minimum of 7 C  ( 45 F ) is quite sufficient for oleanders the trick being to provide them with this low temperature and full sunlight . although they thrive naturally under the hot Mediterranean sun , oleanders do not like summer temperatures above 21C (70 F ) . this is because they need air moving about them . when the indoor temperature rises too high extra ventilation must be provided , or the plants moved outside for a while.


Watering :

During spring and summer oleanders need enough water to moisten the compost completely , allowing the top 12 mm (1/2 in ) to dry out before watering again . winter watering must be kept to the bare minimum , just give enough to prevent the compost from drying out completely .


Feeding :

Give a liquid feed once every two weeks through spring and summer


Soil :

These stout , top heavy branching plants need to be grown in a large tub or heavy pot . use a soil- based compost for top-dressing or re-potting , lining the base of the pots with well washed crocks for extra draining . Repot annually in spring until the maximum pot size is reached, thereafter top-dress