Calathea makoyana (Cathedral windows)

Light and position

Calatheas prefer to be in a position where they receive medium light , a tree-shaded window for example , or perhaps underneath other taller plants where they will be in dappled shade.


Temperature range:

A minimum temperature all the year round of 16C (61F) is ideal try not to let the temperature rise above 21C (70F) during the summer.



During the spring and summer give calatheas plenty of water , enough to keep the compost thoroughly moist at all times , but remember never to let the plants stand in trays of water . during the winter provide enough water to keep the compost moist , allowing the top 12mm(1/2 in ) to dry out before watering again .

Calatheas also need high humidity so spray them daily. Whether watering or spraying , calatheas plants will do a great deal better if soft rainwater is used.



During the spring and summer provide a liquid feed once every two weeks.



Repot once every other year using a peat-based potting compost