Gynura sarmentosa (Purple passion Vine)

Light and position :

Gynuras need good light , a position where they will receive some direct sunlight every day will ensure their intense coloring . without this, growth will become leggy and the growing tips will begin to pale. They will trail , or climb given support , either way they are best planted three or four to a pot.


Temperature range:

A minimum temperature of 10C (50F) is sufficient , but they will do better kept around 13C (55F).



Provide enough water to ensure that the compost becomes moist , allowing the top 12 mm ( 1/2 in) of compost to dry out before watering again . less water is necessary during the winter . try to avoid wetting the leaves while watering as the fine hairs are likely to trap water droplets which can cause leaf marking.



Provide a liquid feed in the recommended dose once a month throughout the year


Soil :

Gynuras grow fast and will need to be moved annually into larger pots in the spring using soil- based compost.