Gloriosa rothschildiana (Glory lily)

Light and position :

Gloriosas need good light with some direct sun during the spring . during the summer when the sun is at its most intense, they will need some protection from midday heat.


Temperature range:

These plants need quite a high temperature to start them into growth , around 20C (68F) . Once growth has commenced , a temperature of about 16C (61F) will be fine. It is very important that the temperatures remain stable , particularly in the early stages of growth check from which the plant may not recover


Watering :

During dormancy the tubers should be kept completely dry. When they are repotted in early spring . make sure the compost is moist . as growth begins to emerge , gradually increase the amounts of water provided . in full and active growth gloriosas will need to be kept moist at all times . when growth shows signs of slowing down , the foliage will begin to yellow , then gradually reduce the amounts of water provided until finally watering is stopped altogether



Once growth is established , gloriosas will need a liquid feed once a week



Gloriosas need plenty of water but do not like to be saturated . good drainage is therefore essential so a soil- based compost must be used . increase the drainage facility further by adding washed crocks to the bottom of the pots.