Gardenia jasminoides (Cape jasmine)

Ideal condition

Light and position :

Provide good light , with some direct sun during the winter months . during the summer gardenias will do well in the dappled shade provided by other taller plants


Temperature range:

Pay great attention to the detail of temperature where these fickle plants concerned. When buds are forming . ensure a steady day and night temperature of 16 C (61F) Swings in either direction are likely to cause bud drop. The temperature can rise by 5C (10F) when buds are not forming.



Always use soft, tepid water for gardenias . water moderately for the majority of the year , giving enough to ensure that the compost is thoroughly moisted . but allowing the top 12mm (1/2 in ) to dry out between waterings.from October to February provide less water , allowing the top 2.5-5 cm (1-2 in ) to dry out before watering again.

Humidity is a high priority with gardenias provide too little and the buds will drop . so mist daily with soft , tepid rainwater , taking care to avoid any open flowers as this will mark them .


Feeding :

Provide liquid feed in standard doses once every two weeks from march to September



Gardenias are lime haters, so when repotting , once every two or three years , use a special compost