Beloperone guttata (Shrimp plant)

Light and position :

The shrimp plant needs plenty of light to maintain the colour of its bracts and encourage flowering but in common with many plants must be protected from direct hot sunlight , it will not tolerate continual shade or a cold , draughty position


Temperature range :

The plant is fairly tolerant with regard to temperature , enjoying 3 range between 13-21 C ( 55-70 f) . extreme conditions of heat or cold are not usually good for any houseplant , and the shrimp plant is no exception it will prefer the cooler end of the temperature range during winter


Watering :

water can be added to the soil from the top of the pot . this is a plant which likes moist conditions , but not saturation , if the soil is allowed to become too dry , on the other hand , the leaves will quickly droop so watering should be frequent in summer


feeding :

frequent , regular feeding is essential for a well – established plant . if the plant develops yellowing. Curled foliage , it is probably suffering from chlorsis ( iron deficiency ) and should be treated by watering the soil with a special iron solution


seasonal care :

active plants require ample watering during summer months , and may need almost as much during the winter , since the soil must not be allowed to dry out . the shrimp plant has a tendency to become rather spindly , and this can be countered by pinching out the growing tips of a young plant to encourage bushiness when the plant needs pruning this can be done following the main summer flowering or in the spring when it moves into a more active period of growth


soil :

it may be necessary to report a strong , young plant twice in its first year , and in general , frequent potting on is essential . use a soil – based potting mixture and pot the plant firmly . for propagating top cuttings , use a peat and sand mixture