Hibiscus rosa sinensis

Hibiscus rosa sinensis

Rose of china , blacking plant or Chinese rose


Light and position :

In common with all flowering pot plants , the hibiscus needs very good light to retain its buds and go on to produce a satisfactory flowering . keep the plant away from draughts and maintain an even temperature .


Temperature range:

The plant prefers an even moderate temperature of around 15C ( 59F ) although the range in which it can exist without problems is 13-18 C (55-65 F) . any radical change in the temperature to either end of the scale may damage the plant and cause the buds to drop


Watering :

Water the plant well during dry weather and evenly all year round , allowing the top of the compost to dry before watering again . do not make the plant waterlogged or the roots will rot . when the plant is in bud , it benefits from a daily overhead spray .


Soil :

The hibiscus does not do well in peaty compost . but will enjoy a soil – based potting mixture . pot the plant into a slightly larger pot each spring . it is not good practice to transfer a small , new plant into a large pot and wait for it to fill it