Cyclamen persicum (Florist’s cyclamen or shooting star)

Light and position

Given cool , light and airy conditions , these plants remain in flower for a longer period and have a bright , healthy appearance . avoid subjecting them to direct sunshine


Temperature range :

A temperature range between 13-18 C ( 55-65 F ) suits a cyclamen very well and it will flower better if the temperatures are kept at the lower end of the range. If the surrounding environment is too oht and dry the leaves of the plant will yellow. In common with many other plants, the cyclamen abhors cold draughts or sudden changes of temperature.


Watering :

A cyclamen will be damaged if the soil becomes sodden. Water from below to moisten the compost , but never leave the plant standing in water . the plant will come to no harm if it gets to a stage where the leaves droop slightly before watering is repeated . ensure good humidity while flowering by standing plants in trays of horticultural aggregate


Feeding :

A weak liquid feed given through the soil with each watering is required while the plant is in leaf . as with the watering . any excess should be avoided . the plant must be given the most attention during winter and spring


Seasonal care :

The flowering season of the cyclamen is autumn to spring and the growth dies down after the flowering . the plant can then be allowed to dry out slightly and rest in a cool , but frost- free position until new growth starts in the summer . repot in midsummer when growth has re-started , leaving half the tuber above the level of the compost . at this stage the corm can be divided and the sections repotted for propagation of the plant



A good soil – based compost mixture is suitable for potting at any stage and can also be used to raise plants from seed .

Cyclamen flower well if slightly pot bound