Codiaeum (Croton or joseph’s coat )

Light and position

The codiaeum requires good light and plenty of sun to retain the beauty of its multi-coloured leaves , but take care that it is not scorched or parched during a hot summer . in poor light , the leaves will revert to green and the plant cannot flourish as it should


Temperature range

Warm moist conditions are essential to this plant and the minimum temperature at which it is kept should be 15C (50F) but it will benefit from more warmth and may prefer a temperature nearer 21C (70F) . these are the conditions which would prevail in its native country of sri lanka


Watering :

The codiaeum requires plenty of water in summer and regular watering during mild weather and the winter months . water should be supplied to the soil from the top of the pot and the plant may prefer that the water is tepid . do not spray the leaves of a codiaeum



Established plants are rather greedy , requiring nourishment with every watering , except possibly during the winter months . the food may be introduced through the soil as a liquid , but never try to use a foliar feed


Seasonal care :

The plant requires a good deal of attention throughout the year and will need more water the better its health and growing conditions . in winter it will require slightly less water , but overwatering at any time may encourage disease which will damage the leaves especially in older plants , periodic cleaning of the foliage will improve the appearance of the plant


Soil :

Soil-based compost must be used and the plant should be potted with reasonable firmness . regular reporting is advisable annually in summer , until the plant is in a 25 cm ( 10 in ) pot. Continue careful attention and regular feeding