Stephanotis floribunda

Stephanotis floribunda

Madagascar jasmine, wax flower, floradora or Madagascar chaplet flower


Light and position

Always place the plant in the highiest possible place . full sun may scorch some of the leaves . but this is not unduly harmful. The plant’s natural climbing habit makes it essential that some sort of framework be provided for the plant to cling to


Temperature Range

A modest temperature of around 15C(59F) throughout the year is fine for these plants. In winter keep them cooler at 13C(55F) . in summer , do not let the temperature rise above 23C(75F)



In summer , water two or three times a week and in winter , once a week . use lime-free , tepid water whenever possible . spray the plants once a week in summer but avoid wetting the flowers.



Avoid giving excess food , but ensure that the plants have a weak feed with every watering while in active growth in winter , when the plant is not flowering ,….is not necessary



Pot in the spring when the plants are getting under way for the new season . never move plants into containers much larger than the existing pot. Use conventional potting mixture.