Clerodendrum thomsoniae Bleeding heart vine

Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Bleeding heart vine or Glory bower


Light and position

If a clerodendrum is to grow tall , it should be planted in a large tub or planter and provided with some means of support . it need to be in a position where it will receive good light but some protection from strong midday sun.



A minimum of 10C (55F) will allow the plant a winter rest . during the remainder of the year a minimum of 16C (61F) will encourage growth and bud formation.



Give clerondendrums plenty of water during the time they are actively growing , enough to make the compost really moist at each watering . allow the top 12mm (1/2 in ) of compost to dry out before providing more . encourage high humidity levels by standing the pots in trays of damp aggregate and by mist-spraying daily with soft rainwater.



Clerodendrums are fast growers and the nutrients in their composts will be quickly used up , so weekly liquid feeds are necessary for these plants while  they are in active growth.



Clerodendrums should be repotted once a year after the annual spring prune. Using a soil-based potting mixture , carefully remove as much of the old compost as possible before replanting it in a larger pot or replacing it in its permanent container.