Azalea indica

Azalea indica

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Ideal conditions

Azaleas can grown both indoors and out , and in both cases need a light location out of direct sun . if there is danger of frost , azaleas must be brought indoors . so they will survive from one year to the next , azaleas should be put outside during the summer months


Temperature range

Azaleas prefer cool temperatures of between 10-15 C ( 50-59F ) which will ensure that the plants continue to flower abundantly . when moved indoors , the temperature in the room should not be allowed to rise above 10 C ( 50 F ) or the plants will dry out



When in flower , azaleas need copious amounts of lime – free water which should be given every two days , never let a plant dry out , check it at least twice a week . if dry plunge into a bucket of tepid water until beads of moisture appear on the topsoil



A weak liquid fertilizer given at regular intervals will help maintain lush, green foliage , but avoid heavy applications when in flower , add fertilizer to the water every two weeks


Seasonal care :

Much greater than the danger of pests and diseases is that of neglect , especially neglecting to water the plants adequately , at all stages of development , whether indoors or out . the roots of the azalea must be kept wet . in late spring the plants can be moved outside . plunge the pots to their rims in a bed of wet peat in a shady location . bring the plants indoors before the first frost . avoid pruning as this will result in fewer flowers the following year .



Potting should be done in the spring with commercially prepared azalea compost . press the mixture firmly around the rootball , water it well and place the plant in a shady location