Light and position

Fibrous-rooted and rhizomatous begonias, grown primarily for their foliage, require bright light but not direct sunlight. Tuberous begonias need bright, indirect light all the year round


Temperature range

Fibrous-rooted, rhizomatous and tuberous begonias all do well in normal room temperatures of around 15C(60F) . in winter, dormant tuberous types should be kept at 13C (55F) in normal conditions , Cane types should be kept at 13-21C(55-70F) , B.hiemalis rigger around 15C(59F) , B.rex 15-21C(59-70F), and B.tuberhybrid 13-18(55-60F)



Begonias do not like dry air. the plants can be stood in their pots on moist pebbles or if hanging saucers of water can be suspended beneath . During active growth , water moderately allowing the top 2.5 cm (1in) of soil to dry out. Reduce watering as grwth slows down. if doubt with begonias , water less rather than more



For actively growing plants, apply a standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks cane types should be liquid fed, erring on the side of too much. B .hiemalis , B.rex and B.tuberhybrid should all be fed a weak mixture with each watering.



For B.rex, use peaty mixtures and keep the plants in pots large enough for new growth .B.hiemolis reiger does best in mixtures without soil, avoid repotting into pots too large . with cane types , use a soil- based mixture