Aphelandra (Saffron spike )

Light and postion

The alphelandra is a exception among flowering plants in that it does not require full light in order to flourish successfully. Good light is needed but not full sun the plant should be given plenty of room in which to spread its leaves


Temperature range

Warm temperature of 18-21(65-70F)are essential and this is a plant which is particularly vulnerable to a cool environment.



The aphelandra must be watered regularly. Although over watering may encourage botrytis and should be avoided . if the plant is allowed to dry out the leaves will rapidly fall. Less water can be given for a few weeks after flowering to allow a period of rest . a humid atmosphere is also appreciated . the pot can be packed with moist peat or left to stand on a tray of pebbles if the room is normally dry



This plant produces a mass of roots and is a heavy feeder . liquid fertilizer should be supplied through the soil and it is possible to double the recommended strength of the feed without harming the plant.



Pot on an aphelandra soon after purchasing . using a soil – based potting mixture . the plant must be firmly potted and at a later stage can be potted on at any time of year other than the coldest winter months