Tips and advices in designing modern garden


Designing modern garden is not difficult but designing garden changes from place to place depend on your comfortable and your ideas but there is some steps may help you in designing garden.


First thing: try to implant flowers in your home entrance it will give you beautiful touch to your home


Second : don’t plant any thing in the center of the garden just implant grass only if you want to plant in the center area of the garden plant only one or two trees and leave the side garden to plant flowers and shrubs…etc. but the center garden area is the place for seating with family ,playing and have fun


Third: allocate a small place for vegetables. We usually choose this place beside the kitchen to help you to get your fresh vegetable quickly


Fourth: in designing garden preferably design electronic irrigation system this way will save water, money, also your time


Fifth: if you have kids don’t plant many cactus, many kinds of cactus when it grow it have needles may harm your kids, or choose cactus have smooth leaf


Sixth:  if you have a small garden don’t build fire pits buy a small one so you can change its place any time.


Seventh: concentrate in designing your garden to have variety of colors like different color of flowers, and different color of shrubs


Eighth: you must balance the way of lighting your garden don’t increase the lighting to the way it will annoyed you , make it simple with few and small lighting will comfort your behavior and you will feel calm


Ninth: design simple walkways steps so to prevent or reduce walking on the grass also


Tenth: in designing walkways choose bright color for the steps like white or beige it will make beautiful view with green color of the garden


eleventh: garden it is a wonderful place for barbecue food so you can acquire outdoor grills also if you have small garden don’t build a place for outdoor grill , another ideas you can make outdoor wall grill it will save area of your garden