Tips for decorating your kitchen


Decorating kitchen design need some smart ideas to be helpful to you and your family to ease your life, although kitchen is not just a place for cooking it also a place for talking, laughing, have fan and participation seating with each other ….

So if you I will give you some tips and advice in decorating your kitchen:

1-first of all you can buy some magazines concerning decoration this way will help you to give you some ideas for decorating kitchen

2-take care in your kitchen you use many accessories and tools also kitchen machines so you have to acquire many shelves in kitchen some designers make the shelves on the wall another make hanging shelves over kitchen table or over the oven

3-be aware to create a lighting unites over the kitchen table or kitchen bar because it is a place for eating so you need lighting in these places

4-choose a comfortable light color for your kitchen instead of deap dark colors for example choose white, beige or gray these colors are make you more comfortable and prevent you from quick tired

5-you can decorate your kitchen with hanging plants it provide interest and soften up the room

6-make small place in kitchen and put them cooking books so it help you in making your food quickly