The New Material Infrared Laser Light Into Visible LightLamp may be one of simplest and most important tool in modern human society . From traditional incandescent to fluorescent lamps, LED lamps to the current progress direction technology is less energy consumption, longer life, lower cost., in German Philipps-Universitat Marburg, Stefanie Dehnen and Sangam Chatterjee who invented a new material, which could infrared 3000mw laser pointer can be converted into visible light. This conversion may not sound fresh, many scientists have done similar work, but Dehnen Chatterjee and team work can now be published in “Science” on, it must have its own uniqueness – their material visible light beam emitted by a straight line, the direction of the incident laser consistent. The material previously reported, basically scatter light in random directions. You can even say that this material just change the wavelength of the infrared laser, but does not change its direction, it emitted a “laser-like” visible. designed this amorphous material, although it looks unremarkable, like a pile of white powder, the core structure of the tin atom and a sulfur atom in the diamond-like structure, and is connected to the organic ligand. This material is mixed with a polymer after the transparent film can be formed on a carrier such as glass. Infrared 5000mw green laser with low-cost, low-power infrared laser diode generates a continuous wave (wavelength 800 nm) irradiation of this material, its unique structure passing through the nonlinear interaction of the beam wavelength is changed, the light beam into visible light, high efficiency to obtain highly oriented warm white beam of visible light, it looks very similar to halogen lamps. Moreover, the resultant visible light can be adjusted by trimming the incident infrared laser. the unique properties of converting the visible light, this material having a non-volatile, air and thermal stability (at 300 ℃ high temperature can maintain stable). In addition, the low cost of this material R & D team, easy to prepare, easy to mass production.Since the infrared burning laser pointers diode production technology is already quite mature, the cost is very low, this material is easily spawned a new type of special light sources, used in the control device requires a high degree of light direction, such as microscopes and projection equipment. Those laser pointer that you buy online can emit up to several watts of energy, but if the power of 380 watts is what happens? It is about 40 times more powerful than conventional laser pointer.Scientists newly developed green laser pointer than conventional laser pen 40 times more powerful!Owing to MQ optical research centers and the Fraunhofer Institute scientists developed a diamond lens. Before diamond lens developed maximum output power of only about 20 watts, so the fact that this research is a huge step forward.Researchers interested in diamond structure for the laser primarily because they can transmit energy over long distances, and rarely disturbed. The study may be able to implement applications in laser ranging, space laser weapons or communications field.