In recent years, laser 3000mw cutting technology has been widely popular, especially in the fashion industry, fashion has many well-known designers have the laser cutting technology increase in clothing design, or use them to laser technology of hollow or laser cutting, carving, and so on, making the fashion and more filled with a sense of fashion. Cutting Laser as a new processing method, with its processing precision, fast, simple operation, high degree of automation, in the leather, textile and garment industry has gradually been widely used. Garment laser 5000mw embroidery more than 2/3 of the textile and garment fabric can be produced by laser cutting a variety of digital patterns. Late of traditional textile fabric production process requires processing grinding flower, pyrograph, embossing and laser sintering spent on this aspect has made convenient, fast, flexible pattern transform, clear, three-dimensional sense of strong, can fully express all kinds of fabric color texture. That we in the creative design, also can consider 500mw green laser cutting the process, to show our professional skills and promotes the clothing design texture, can be in the shape of a geometric pattern or in the original clothing add detail design, can also be used for cutting machine cutting graphics in the clothing profile based on superposition, expansion of volume, so as to achieve a better visual effect.