MYOSOTIS Forget-me-not

5052 myosotis


Walk along your street in springtime and you will find Tulips and Wallflowers .. and Forget-me—nots beneath them. For many of us this blue carpet or edging is indispensable in April, but you can grow a white or pink variety for a change. All of them bear dense clusters of small flowers and are easy to grow. The only requirements are well –drained soil and a watering can if the weather is dry.


VARIETIES: Nearly all garden Forget-me-nots are varieties or hybrids of M. alpestris. For traditional blue edging or  planting under bulbs choose a compact variety such as ‘Ultramarine’ ( deep blue ) or ‘Blue Ball’ ( indigo blue ). For pink edging grow ‘Rose Pink’ or ‘Carmine King’. The tall Forget-me-nots can be grown in a bed of their own – choose from ‘Royal Blue’ ( bright blue ), ‘BlueBouquet’ ( deep blue ) and M. sylvatica ‘Blue Bird’


SITE & SOIL : Any well-drained garden soil will do – thrives best in light shade.


PLANT DETAILS : Height 6 in. – 1 ft. Spacing 8 in. Flowering period April – May.

PROPAGATION : Sow seeds in May or June