MOLUCELLA Bells of lreland

Bells-of-Ireland Molucella-Laevis-Bells-of-Ireland


A plant which is interesting rather than beautiful and which came to us from Syria and not lreland, despite its common name. Each flower is white and insignificant but is surrounded by a large, green and bell-like calyx. These floral bells are borne on graceful stems, somewhat colourless in the garden, perhaps, but a joy for the flower arranger.


VARIETIES : There is a single species, M. laevis, which is sometimes listed as the Shell Flower. If you want to use it for indoor decoration, cut the stems in a cool and airy place away from direct sunlight. These ‘everlasting’ flowers are most useful for winter flower arrangements.


SITE & SOIL : Any well – drained garden soil will do – thrives in sun or light shade .

PLANT DETAILS : Height 2 ft. Spacing 1½ ft. Flowering period August – September.


PROPAGATION : Alternatively in mild areas sow seeds outdoors in April.