Modern roof garden ideas

you can make a wonderful garden if you haven’t land area or you have the roof and you don’t use it , but if you make this roof garden you must plant flowers and shrubs in side of the roof not in the center to give the people the chance to walk in the garden without any obstacles,in otherwise you can but in your garden a table to help you to have your breakfast or dinner with your family

take care that roof garden need some effort for maintenance you have to take care about this issue to reserve your garden beauty , also in choosing outdoor furniture for your roof garden , choose any outdoor furniture as you wish ,your garden act as a private garden you can seat freely with your family and have some private seat

in planting roof garden usually we don’t plant huge tree , huge trees need a land due to it’s huge roots which is not available in roof garden so you can plant some small plants like flowers,shrubs and small trees

i prefer to get electronic irrigation system for your roof garden it will relieve you just you make only maintenance for the irrigation system and check that it makes irrigation for plants correctly after that you enjoy your garden with any confusion



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