Modern outdoor bed

modern outdoor bed

today we acquire modern outdoor bed for using it to sleep ,to take a brake from hard work also to feel relax with comfortable view . in bedroom we can sleep and relax but we cannot enjoy wonderful view or breath nature air ,

but outdoor bed is different from indoor bed ,outdoor bed is different in shape and looking , outdoor bed must be designed simple  and give you the feeling of comfortable also i advice you to acquire bed with shade as this bed will place in under sunshine for many hours so you can sleep without annoying from sunshine

also i don’t prefer to choose bright or light color for outdoor bed because it always place in open area so it will expose to dust so it need more maintenance and cleanses unlike dark color the dust will not appear and need less maintenance

if you choose to but outdoor bed around swimming pool be aware to not to but it close to the pool you must but it about 2 meter far from edge of the pool so to decrease the possibility of entering water to your bed

also i prefer to get a wide bed to which can endure at least two person so the bed will be friendly , you can lay on it with your wife or with friends






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