Malope03 Malope_trifida1MTFL


Malope is simiar to the Annual Mallow ( Lavatera trimestris ). Both form 3ft high bushes bearing trumpet-like flowers, 3 or 4 in. across, during the summer months. The Malope colour range is wider, however, and the experts say that Malope is less likely to fail. Blooms are borne abundantly and the plants do not require staking.


VARIETIES :Malope is sold either as M. trifideor the larfe-flowering strain M. trifida grandiflora. A good mixture will produce plants bearing white, pink, crimson and purple flowers – a feature of Malope is the prominent veining which occasionally occurs on the petals. The flowers are carried on long, firm stems and are excellent for cutting.


SITE & SOIL : Any well-drained garden soil, but or medium land is preferred. Choose a sunny spot.


PLANT DETAILS :Height 3 ft. Spacing 15 in. Flowering period Huly – October.


PROPAGATION :Sow seeds in April where they are to flower. Thin to the required spacing.