Columnea (Goldfish plant)

Light and position

The columnea requires a position with good light . to encourage flowering , but shaded from direct sunlight . it is best seen as a hanging plant , so it could be placed near the window in a bright room . however , it will not tolerant draughts


Temperature range

Few plants care for a large temperature range or periods of excessive heat or cold . a suitable range from the columnea is 15-21 C ( 59-70F ) . maintain steady but cooler temperatures during the winter flowering period


Watering :

Water the plant regularly during the summer growth period , giving slightly less in winter . water the soil from the top of the pot or pour it into the saucer . always avoiding the foliage. Keeping the soil almost dry during mid winter will encourage better flowering . ensure high humidity at all times.


Feeding :

The plant is not too fussy in its feeding habits , but established plants should be fed about once week in summer when they are active , once months during winter . cease feeding towards the end of winter when the watering is cut to a minimum.


Seasonal care :

The columnea is quite easy to care for and if the period of near starvation is adhered to in winter , the plant will flower more freely . the foliage can be trimmed to shape at any time when the plant is not in flower , but it is as well to cut back all stems to two or three leaf joints once every two years at repotting time . Beware of over watering at all times , as this can ruin the leaves and ultimately whole branches


Soil :

Cuttings from the plant will root quite well moist conditions and a temperature of 21 C ( 70 F ) . when transferring them to a hanging basket , use a peat – based potting mixture and include at least five cuttings , to ensure full and impressive growth