Pelargonium (Geranium)

Light and position :

Full light is essential for pelargoniums and they prefer an airy atmosphere , although they do not care for draughts. There are many varieties and they all enjoy sunshine , especially when flowering , but guard against scorched leaves in really hot weather .


Temperature range :

Pelargoniums appreciate a cool or moderate range of temperature . they will exist happily in 10 C (50 F ) . in summer they can tolerate rather warmer conditions for a while and a dry , rather than humid , atmosphere is best .


Watering :

Introduce water at the top of the pot and let it sink down through the soil . after 15 minutes , empty the excess water from the saucer . the plants do not care for overhead spraying and this may start rotting in the leaves


Feeding :

Excessive feeding will encourage a leafy plant , but at the expense of the flowers . give no more than an average amount of liquid feed in summer as the plants are watered . they will not require winter feeding



Use a soil based or peat – based compost . repotting should not be done too frequently as the plant can benefit from being slightly pot – bound . young cutting should be potted on . but do not repot fully grown plants .