BEGONIA (Bedding Begonia)

The Bedding or Fibrous-rooted Begonia is one of the most useful of all summer bedding plants because it can thrive where most annuals are distinctly unhappy – in the shade under trees. The plants will provided rich colour even when they are in shadow for much of the day provided you follow these rules – buy good stock, don’t plant out until June, enrich the soil with humus and water when it is dry.
VARIETIES: B. semperflorens is available in a wide range of flower colours (white, pink, red), leaf colours (green, copper, bronze) and heights. Dwarf varieties are the most popular and include ‘Organdy’ (mixed colours, green leaves), ‘Cocktail’ (mixed colours, bronze leaves) and ‘Thousand Wonders White’ (white flowers, green leaves). The best tall Begonia is ‘Danica’ (large red or pink flowers, red leaves).
SITE & SOIL: Thrives best in humus-rich soil and partial shade.
PLANT DETAILS: Height 6 in. – 1 ½ ft. Spacing 5 – 15 in. Flowering period June – September.
PROPAGATION:  Usually bought as bedding plants – propagation from seed is not easy.