BELLIS (Daisy)

The familiar Daisy on the lawn has given rise to a large number of garden varieties over the years. There are red and pink ones as well as the native white colour, and there are double varieties in which the central yellow disc has been obliterated. Daisies are useful for edging beds and for planting in window boxes. It is a perennial plant which can be kept from year to year, but it is usually grown as a biennial.
VARIETIES: There are several delightful dwarf varieties of B. perennis for carpeting, edging or growing in the rockery – ‘The Pearl’ (white), ‘Dresden China’ (pink) and ‘Rob Roy’ (red). ‘Pomponette’ produces pompon-like buttons and the ‘Monstrosa’ types produce large double blooms in white, pink or red.
SITE & SOIL: Any reasonable garden soil will do in sun or partial shade.
PLANT DETAILS: Height 3 – 6 in. Spacing 6 in. Flowering period March – July.
PROPAGATION: Divide plants in spring or sow seeds in May – follow the Biennial technique .