8 sheets of fresh lasagna, or dried lasagna cooked according to packet instructions 500g (1lb) passata (sieved tomatoes) or ready made fresh tomato and basil pasta sauce 2-3tbsp grated fresh parmesan cheese a small hansful chopped fresh basil .

a little olive oil 2shallots, finely chopped 1garlic clove, crushed 2 × 300g (10oz) cans cannellini beans, drained 60g (20z) sun-blushed or sun-dried tomatoes, snipped into pieces 150g (50z) Dolcelatte cheese, roughly chopped 2 heaped tbsp chopped fresh basil salt and black pepper shallow ovenproof dish, about 28 × 20cm (11 × 8in) .

1- Make the filling: heat the oil in a small pan, and cook the shallots and garlic until soft. Allow to cool. Crush the beans with a fork so that most are mashed but a few still retain some shape, then mix them with the shallots and garlic, tomatoes, Dolcelatte, and basil. Season well, taste, and add more seasoning if necessary.
2- Lay the lasanhne sheets flat, divide the filling between them. and roll up from the short ends to enclose the filling. Put the cannelloni seam-side down into an oiled or buttered ovenproof dish-they should fit snugly. Season, then pour over the passata or pasta sauce.
3- Cover and cook at 190 C (375 f Gas 5) for 45-50 minutes until the pasta is cooked and the filling piping hot. (if pre-cooked pasta was used, bake for 25-30 minutes.) Scatter the parmesan and basil over the top before serving .