swimming pool on roof

always we need swimming pool in summer it has an effective feeling when you stand in front of any pool , so if you have chance to build swimming pool in your roof  , or if you want to make a swimming pool design in any roof we give you an integrated ideas of pool design on roof , don’t forget to add your beautiful touch design in your mind to the design

ubatuba-beach-huse-roof-for-swimmingpool-3 5-Modern-wooden-pool-deck-582x873 20080602142627_gallery321 a-gabriel-orozco-house-4 decorative-marble-tile-by-decormarmi-stylized-rose-1 fl_401A House-with-swimming-pool-on-the-roof4 (1) ht_blancaneaux_080529_ssh Moderna-1 pool mosaic-04 roof_top_pool_and_galleryfull Roof-Top-Swimming-Pools-Amazingezone-10 small-swimming-pool-on-the-roof-design-in-Dream-Be-Tulum-Resort (1) spicepool02 swimming-pool-roof-top The-swimming-pool-looks-so-awesome-in-the-roof top-roof-swimming-pool-design