Modern lighting beds

Lighting bed room


          Lighting bedroom is the essential thing in designing bedroom due to the nature of this room; it is a place for sleeping and relaxing so you need a different variety of lighting accessories which give you the concept of comfortable sense, so I will give you some tips in designing bedroom to help you and give you another aspects in designing


           The first thing you can think about it may be you will read a book on your bed or use your laptop so you need lighting for reading so you can make lighting behind bedroom through table lamp or make lighting in the back of the bed ,another ideas you can make lighting on the wall behind the bed ,or you can put a painting picture behind the bed and make lighting around the picture, this way will make lighting for you on your bed and lighting for the picture in the same time , or you can depend on the sun lighting by putting the bed in front of window to give a nature lighting through sun light 


            We always think that lighting all the bedroom through the ceiling light but in fact in the recent years lighting ideas is changed you will find that there is ceiling lighting and floor lighting in the same time  , also you will find under bedroom lighting these ways give attractive view for the room


              You have to know where you want to place the mirror to prepare a lighting for it ,concentrate in making the light toward the mirror not in front of your eyes  also usually we use a white light with the mirror so it give real look for you and your clothes


               Make a soft lighting in the room some times you will need soft lighting to give you some comfortable feeling 

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