Honesty_(Lunaria_annua) Lunaria annua


In late spring and early summer the small flowers appear above the toothed leaves. Purple is the usual colour, but there are varieties with rose or white flowers and the plants are pretty without being particularly noticeable. Honesty earns its place in the garden by producing flat seed pods which look like pearly discs. Cut in August and dry indoors to make a popular component for winter flower arrangements.


VARIETIES : L. annua has produced several garden varieties. ‘Munstead Purple’ bears fragrant purple flowers and the blooms on ‘Alba’ are white. The most unsual form is ‘Variegate’. which has green and cream variegated leaves and rosy purple flowers. All varieties of lunaria bear 4-petalled flowers in branching sprays – remember not to dead-head if you want to collect the seed pods!


SITE & SOIL : Any well-drained garden soil will do – thrives best in partial shade.


PLANT DETAILS: Height 2-3 ft. Sacing 1 ft. Flowering period April – June.

PROPAGATION : Sow seeds in May or June