ESCH SCHOLZIA (Californian Poppy)

A drift of Californian poppies in full flower is colourful sight in summer, but it won’t be if your soil is rich and the plants are in partial shade. The flower are not long-lived but they continue to appear over a long period and the silky petals fluttering in the breeze are part of our garden scenery. After flowering the plants will produce self-sown seedling –clear them away.
VARIETIES: E. californica produces golden yellow flower in the wild, but there are now hybrids in many colours. For a rainbow mixture grow ‘Art Shades’ (frilled petals, semi-double) or ‘Ballerina’ (fluted petals, semi-double or double). Some people prefer single colours-choose ‘Cherry Ripe’ ( cerise ) ‘Orange King’( orange ) or the dwarf ‘Miniature primrose’ (Yellow).
SITE & SOIL: A well-drained soil in full sun is necessary. .
PLANT DETAILS: Height 6 in. 1½ ft Spacing 6 in. Flowering period June -September.
PROPAGAYION: Dislikes root disturbance. Sow seeds in September where they are to flower – April sowing is often recommended but is less satisfactory .