Dory Hemp Belt

Funky-dory hemp belt

DESIGNED BY:crochet belt

Paula Gron


Finished measurement

15 rings will make a belt approx 36″/91 cm long

You will need:

Approx 63 yd/57m multicolored hemp cord

2″ / 5cm diameter cabone rings

Hook: 5.5mm/1-9 or size needed to obtain gauge

Assortment of wooden beads

Stitches used:

Chain (ch)

Single crochet (sc)

Gauge: Approx 26 sc around each ring, the gauge for this project is variable, depending on the choice of yarn used

Belt Rings:

Attach one end of the cord to ring with sc.

Sc 12 times across top of rings. * pick up next ring and attach cord with sc to 1st 12 times in same direction across the 2nd ring*.

Rep from * to* until all rings (as fitted to waistline) are crocheted halfway around.

Proceed stitching around to complete the last. ring attached by stitching approx 13 sc or until you meet the next to the last ring.*Attach with a sc to that next ring and proceed to complete it by doing 12 sc around.*Rep from * to *to complete the other half of all of the rings of the belt.



Cut 6 long strands of hemp (approx 1yd/1m) for the fringe. fold each strand in half.

Catch the fold with crochet hook and pull it through one stitch on an end ring. Bring the end through the loop and tighten to secure (figure 1).add two more strands in this manner to the ring. Repeat at the opposite end of the belt.

Add beads to the fringe, knotting them in place