CHEIRANTHUS (Wallflower)

Bulbs, Forget-me-nots, Primroses and Wallflowers are the low-growing heralds of spring. Millions of Wall-flowers are planted every year during October and the flowers on the erect spikes open in March or April (Wallflower) or May (Siberian Wallflower). Pinch out the tips of young plants before transplanting them in their final quarters. Grow them close to the house to enjoy the fragrance.
VARIETIES: The Wallflower (C. cheiri) is the one which is usually grown. Large-flowering types include such old favourites as ‘Cloth of Gold’ (yellow, 1 ½ ft) and ‘Vulcan’ (deep crimson, 1 ft), but many other colours are available – pink, purple, orange, white, cream, etc. For small beds pick ‘Tom Thumb Mixed’ (9 in.). The Siberian Wallflower (C. allionii) is available in yellow or orange.
SITE & SOIL: Any reasonable garden soil with adequate lime will do. Choose a sunny spot.
PLANT DETAILS: Height 9 in. – 2 ft. Spacing 8 in. – 1 ft. Flowering period March – May.
PROPAGATION: Follow the Biennial technique. Plant out firmly in October.