AMARANTHUS (Love-lies-bleeding)

The standard way to use Love-lies-bleeding is to plant one or a small group as a centrepiece in a formal beedding scheme. During the summer months the 18 in. long tassels of tiny blooms are a spectactacular feature, recommended for use in flower arrangements. Keep the plants well watered during dry spells to prolong flower life and to ensure an attractive autumn display of red stems and bronzy leaves.
VARIETIES: A.caudatus is a tropical plant, but in the warmer areas of Britain it can be treated as a hardy annual. The basic species bears large green leaves and crimson tassels, but you can buy seeds of the variety atropurpureus which has dark red tassels or viridis which produces pale green flowers.
SITE & SOIL: Any well-drained garden soil will do – thrives best in full sun.
PLANT DETAILS: Height 3 ft. Spacing 2 ft. Flowering period July – October.
PROPAGATION: Plant out when the danger of frost is past.