Ways to choose colors for bed room?

How can I decorate bedroom This question asked to yourself when you started to decorate your bedroom , sometimes it become difficult to choose your preferable color and you become confused that is because you need the most beautiful and appropriate color , so we will help you and we will give you some advices that can help you

1- First when you choose the colors take care that bedroom is a place for sleeping and you must feel comfortable so don’t choose a noisy colors like dark green, black, brown, dark brown.

2- Colors also reflected on your Psychological state and your mood so choose a delight colors like white, purble, red, yellow, orange

3- if you choose a definite colors of furniture so it will influence in your color choice ,if you choose black or any dark colors you may choose light colors like white and purple or complex of light colors

4-some ideas for painting the bedroom that you can make the painting of your home with the same color of the accessories or the same colors of furniture

5- White colors is always used with most colors in decoration it is relevant to used with different colors

6- if your bedroom is a sunny room that every morning the sun enter your room , my advice is to choose light colors or complex of light colors so the reflection of sun rays on walls will give you kind of comfortable you need