Tibetan spaniel

bacchella-adriano-alert-tibetan-spaniel-portrait Tibetan_spaniel


Size : 4-7 kg (9-15lb) , 25cm (10in)

Grooming :average

Training : time – consuming

Colours : all colours

This breed may not be Tibetan , and it is not truly a spaniel . dogs of this type have been found in the area that is now korea since at least the 8th century , and may have arrived there from either Tibet or china . unlike true spaniels , they were also never used for hunting , but were associated with monasteries , where they were kept as companions and , probably , as watchdogs . today they remain outgoing , entertaining companions , although they have a strong independent streak and need plenty of exercise .

The Tibetan spaniel may be the ancestor of the Japanese chin , and it also has similarities with the Pekingese, particularly in the slightly bowed front legs . due to their longer faces and legs , however, Tibetan spaniels do not suffer the same level of breathing and back problems as the Pekingese