The origin of sex dolls

Sex dolls are called “love doll” or “Dutch wife”.In the 17th century, as the Dutch merchants went to sea a lot, the wives stayed at home basically and spent a lot of time at sea.Dutch Wife, a tubular pillow made of bamboo slices and rattans, became popular in Japan as a name for Ms. Bamboo.Selling  around  $20, this is probably the most traditional sex doll.

Japan had comfort women during world war ii, and Germany had inflatable dolls.The first inflatable doll was created in Germany in September 1941 to prevent German soldiers from promiscuous sex with non-aryan prostitutes (after all, germans were considered very noble).Although Germany invented the inflatable doll, but because of the war to the financial strain did not produce a large number of post-war development by the Japanese, and even sold all over the world.

Nowadays, “sex” is not a taboo topic for the new generation of young people.Some countries have fertility policies or large single population, late marriage and late childbirth even has become the status quo.Sex dolls were originally created to meet the needs of special groups, and the emergence of “sex dolls” is a good solution to this problem.Although it is impossible to conjure tens of millions of women out of thin air, it is possible to make tens of millions of dolls.

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