a bowl of vinegar water (see box, next column) prepared simple sushi Rice (see recipe, below) 4 thin slices of smoked salmon a few strips of sushi pickled ginger (gari), from a jar 32.5 × 23cm (13× 9in) Swiss roll tin.

500g (1Ib) sushi rice 4tbsp rice wine vinegar 50ml (2fIoz) Japanese rice wine (mirin or sake) 1/4tsp salt .
1- Line the Swiss roll tin with cling film (if you don’t have a tin, cover a chopping board with cling film). Dip your hand in vinegar water, take a handful of the sushi rice, and press it into the tin, patting it level with your hand. Repeat with more handfuls of rice until the tin is full. Refrigerate for about 15 minutes until firm.

2- turn the tin upside down on to a board and remove the cling firm . cut into about 40 small squares with a sharp , wet knife . cut the smoked salmon into little strips to fit on each square and top with a little pickled ginger