Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose)

Light and position

For the plant to continue to bloom throughout the spring and summer , it will need the highest possible position , but not exposed to bright midday sun . during the winter months when not in flower , less light is tolerated


Temperature Range


Never let the plant stand in water or it will rot. In summer, water two or three times a week . in winter , water once a week or less . if possible , use soft , tepid water.



Never feed the plant if it has just been potted , and feed sparingly during the winter . while in flower and well established a greater number of flowers can be encouraged by using fertilizer with a high proportion of potash.



While in small pots, a peaty mixture is best but when the pot reaches 12.5 cm (5in) in a diameter use a soil-based potting mixture . good drainage is essential . avoid putting plants in pots that are too large.