Making your own sushi is easy as long as you keep it simple, as here. The three different types of sushi are batch of rice and just a few ingredients in addition to the fish. Presented in a stylish way, the finished result stunning.

2 sheets of nori (dried Japanese seaweed) a bowl of vinegar water prepared Simple Sushi Rice (see recipe, page 42) a little wasabi (Japanese horseradish paste) 175g (60z) canned white crabmeat, drained and flaked ½ cucumber, halved lengthwise, seeded, and cut into long thin strips bamboo rolling mat.

1- Lay the rolling mat on a flat surface with one o the longest edges facing towards you. Lay one sheet of nori shiny side down on the mat.
2- Dip your hand in vinegar water, take a handful of the sushi rice, and spread it over the nori, leaving a 2.5cm (1in) gap along the edge furthest away from you.
3- Spread a thin layer of wasabi – about 1cm (½in) wide – lengthwise along the middle of the rice (from left to right). Cover the wasabi with half the crab, than put a strip of cucumber on either side of the crab.
4- Moisten the uncovered edge of the nori with a little cold water. Using the mat and starting from the edge nearest to you, roll. Seal the moistened edge around the roll, then wrap in cling film. Now make a second roll in the same way.
5- To serve, unwrap the rolls and cut each one into 10 pieces with a very sharp knife that has been dipped in cold water (Tim off the ends first so you get neat slices).