Shiba inu

Size : 8-10kg (18-22lb ) , 35-40cm (14-16in)
Grooming :average
Training : time consuming
Colours : varity of colours
This typically spitz-type dog is th smallest and the most popular of japan’s indigenous breeds , dogs have existed in japan for over 2500 years , and the strong , graceful shiba inu has been used for hunting in the sanin region , at the western tip of Honshu island , for centuries the breed almost become extinct during the latter phase of world war 11 , but today numbers are stable in japan and become more widespread in Europe , Australia , and north America , while they are relaxed with children and other dogs these are independent , agile , and robust individuals , best suited to an experienced owner . they seldom bark , preferring to shriek in an extraordinary manner , but they make good guard dogs