Schlumbergera x Buckleyi (Claw Cactus)

Schlumbergera  x Buckleyi

Claw Cactus

Light and position

Do not subject the plants to direct sunlight during spring and summer. Weak summer sunshine will not damage them .schlumbergera floweing system is triggered by shortening day length . the potentially harmful effects of artificial light on these plants can be prevented by laying sheets of black plastic over them when the house lights are on.


Temperature Range

Schlumbergeras are best kept in cool temperatures , the recommended mininmum being between 10C (50F) and 13C (55F) . keep them in these temperatures while buds are forming and until the flowers are required , then move them into warmer temperatures 16-21C(61-70F)



Schumbergeras have their annual rest after flowering . at this time they need enough water to moisten the compost allowing the top 12mm (1/2in) to dry out before watering again . in spring when growth recommences , give more water , providing as much as is necsssary to keep the compost moist at all times . always use soft rainwater for these plants.



Provide liquid feed once every two weeks while the buds are forming and during the flowering period.



Although these plant need to be kept moist while flowering, they must never be allowed to become waterlogged. For this reason some washed river sand must be added to the peat-based compost when repotting them after flowering.