Schefflera (Umbrella Tree or octopus tree )

Light and position :

The umbrella Tree is an accommodating plant that will tolerate many locations but prefers light shade or indirect sunlight. Young plants can be mixed in with other houseplants , but fullgrown plants are best viewed when they are standing alone as a special feature.


Temperature range:

To keep the umbrella tree happy reasonable warmth of around 15-21C(59-70F) is needed , 18C (65F) being about right.these plants also like humidity , so avoid dry heat , if the room in which they are situated is dry , place in pots in shallow trays filled with pebbles and water.



The larger the plant , the more water it will require except in winter when it becomes inactive . keep the soil moist at all times. Good drainage is essential . a pointed stick can be used to loosen the top of the soil to assist drainage.


Feeding :

At all stages of development, a proprietary liquid fertilizers can be used with every watering . as the plant develops, two different fertilizers can be used to satisfy the plants various needs



In four years time, the robust umbrella tree may well need a pot 25cm (10in) in diameter . once in a large pot , the potting mixture should sustain the plant for a number of years , a good soil-based mixture is fine but add some extra grit to provide adequate drainage.