scarf with flower pin

stitches used :scarf2

Chain (ch)

half double crochet (hdc)

double crochet (dc)

single crochet  (sc)

slip stitch (sl st )

pattern notes:

scarf is worked holding 1 strand each of A and B together throughout.

flower is worked using a single strand of yarn.

double crochet stitches are are worked in the spaces between stitches, not in the top of stitches.the last space is between the last stitch and the beginning chain of the previous row.


Holding 1 strand each A and b together ,ch 11

Row 1 : hdc in 3 rd ch from hook and in each ch across (9 hdc)

Row 2 : ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout),turn,skip next space between sts, 2 dc in next space between sts,repeat from across to last space,skip last space,dc in top of beginning ch-2

Row 3 : ch3, turn,skip next space between sts,2 dc in top of beginning ch-3.

repeat row 3 until piece measures 34″/86 cm.fasten off.



with 1 strand of c,ch 3 , join with sl st in first ch to form a ring.

Rnd 1 : ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout).work 8 more dc in ring,join with sl st in top of beginning ch-9 (9 dc)

Rnd 2: ch 5 (counts as dc ,ch 2) , dc in next dc ,ch 2,repeat from around ,join with sl st in 3 rd ch of beginning ch-5 (9ch -2 spaces).fasten off.

Rnd 3:join 1 stand of D with sc in any ch-2 space,(hdc,3 dc,hdc,sc) in same ch-2 space,(sc,hdc,3dc,hdc,sc)in each ch-2 space around (9 petals),fasten off

Rnd 4 : working infront of Rnd 3 petals , join 1 strand of with sl st around the post of any dc of Rnd 2,ch 3, sl st around post of next dc of Rnd 2, ch 3 , repeat from around, join with sl st in join (9 ch- 3 spaces).fasten off.

Rnd 5 : join 1 strand of D with sc in any ch-3 space,(hdc,2dc,hdc,sc) in same ch-3 space around (9 petals).fasten off.



weave in all yarn ends.with 1 strand of D, whipstitch flower to brooch pin.use flower pin as closure for scarf

this scarf need :

(A) 1 ball ,color cocoa (#129)

(B) 1 ball,color fisherman (#099)

(c) 1 ball,color coffee (#365)

(d) 1 ball,color light sea foam (#683)