Saintpaulia (African Violet)

Light and position

The African violet requires good light and will tolerate direct sunlight so long as this is not magnified by the glass of a greenhouse or is important that this plant should be protected from draughts.




Temperature range:

A good nursery will not sell African violet until the milder weather has arrived . they are plants which do not like being chilled and flourish in a temperature of 18-21C (65-70F).the warmth and humidity of bathrooms and kitchens provide ideal conditions for growth.



During the summer , spray plants occasionally with a fine mist of rainwater. Hard water causes white spots and patches on the foliage . in cold weatherf , water sparingly, if kept slightly dry plants will often survive in low temperature



It is important that the leaves of this plant should be kept as dry as possible when feedind . add a liquid fertilizers to the soil when watering , taking care to use a weak solution regularly rather than giving an occasional large feed.



In general , small pots are more suitable than large ones. African violet flourish in peat-based potting composts.