Podenco canario

Museliere-pour-chien-Podenco-Canario podenco-canario-dog-on-the-grass-photo


Size : 16-22kg (35-49lb) , 53-64cm (21-25in)

Grooming : minimal

Training : time consuming

Colours: all colours

The ancestors of this breed were brought to the canary islands from the Iberian mainland some 400 years ago , and were themselves descended from Mediterranean hounds . the podenco canario , or canary islands hound, is probably related to the ibizan hound . and hunts by hearing and scent as well as sight . in the demanding environment of these volcanic islands , the breed developed into an adaptable hunting dog that will both point and retrieve , and it is still used in packs for hunting rabbits . podenco canarios do not suit a sedate or city life . they need exercise and are not very easy to train .