Peperomia (Desert privet or little fantasy)

Light and position :

Because of their neat size and shape , peperomias are essentially windowsill plants. The window should provide good light , but not direct midday sun . these are excellent plants for mixing with other types . they are not , however , suitable for bottle-gardens.


Temperature range :

A modest temperature of 13 – 18 C (55-65F) is best although this can drop to 10 C (50F) in winter if watering is also reduced . the maximum summer temperature should be 23 C (75 F)


Watering :

Peperomias should be watered only sparingly sparingly , every 10 days in summer and every two weeks in winter . use lime-free water. The plant store water in their leaves , and if overwatered , these will quickly rot .


Feeding :

Peperomias will usually be growing in a soil-less mixture which lacks essential nutrients , so feed with a weak fertilizer with each watering . in summer , feed every two weeks usually half the recommended dosage.


Soil :

These plants do well in peat-based mixtures . reporting should be done every second year at most . when repotting , use shallow containers rather than deep pots . never repot in winter